Am I able to pick a color?

Most customers want to choose their container color, and sometimes this is possible, but not always. You get the first container off of the stack at the intermodal depot. If you order multiple containers, it is often possible to get the color of your choice. Also, one trip containers are generally tan or beige.

Can I see the container before purchasing?

Unfortunately, customers don't have access to the depots for liability reasons. All the containers are inspected before delivery, and we always recommend our customers to check the container at delivery.

If you want to pick up your container, you will be given a release number and the depot information.

Can I see the container before purchasing?

What size of a room will I need to ensure that my container will even fit?

We encourage our customers to measure their property before ordering the container.

Our most common deliveries are done by pick-up trucks and 40ft tilt bed trailer, so we require our customers to have at least 100-120ft of space for a 40 ft container and 80 - 100 ft. of room for a 20ft container

For the truck to come through correctly, please make sure that you have a 10ft width going down the driveway and 14 feet height clearance, but we can work with 13ft.

Do shipping containers have titles?

No, they don’t have titles. The container alone does not require a title of registration in the US.

What if I have a hard time opening the container doors?

The first thing customers must pay attention to is to prepare the ground before we deliver the container. Having a flat bottom can cause trouble for doors to be open and closed since that affects the container's structure. We always recommend our customers buy some industrial lubricants found at most hardware stores because these are used containers. Also, if you place wood blocks under the door frame at the corner post, this is very helpful and should solve the problem.

What if my container smells?

It's not very uncommon for a container to have an odor, but the easiest way to get rid of this is to let your container doors open overnight, and the smell should go away. If you stop by your local hardware store, they should have industrial strength odor neutralizers that will get the job done!

What sectors use these containers?

Most industries need storage units to cater for storage space, residence space, or office room needs. Some industries that require steel containers are retail, education, military, government, gas and construction, and many more. WWT containers have acquired an enormous reputation across varied sectors because of their portability and low prices.

What's the best container for my needs? New or used?

The choice is all yours. However, there are numerous excellent used containers in the market, which you can buy to save some money. Many local suppliers you can talk to have plenty of used containers to offer you. But you have to do some little research and inspect the containers personally for the one in perfect condition. Ensure there are no leaks, rust, holes, and any defects before choosing to buy.

What should I consider if I need a container?

Your satisfaction needs to check the container reviews and customer service to ensure you have the highest-quality container. You can contact us via a call or visit our website to post your queries to get more information on the container. This information will help you know our containers; you don't want to buy a container that can't withstand harsh weather during transportation. The top priority is the safe and secure shipping of your items in the container.

Do I require a permit to keep the container on my property?

In most cases, you don't. The unit is commonly a temporary structure. So, most geographical location rules don't require a permit. For some properties, the maximum time is 30 days, while you can be allowed 60 or 90 days for some. However, residential properties and military zones require permits. It's essential to contact your local municipality for more information on your zone's requirements to be on the safe side.

Are there any other things I require to buy/rent a container?

You need to know the following:

If suppliers offer damage waivers

The age of the containers

The container's condition

The rent vs. buy break-even number

The cost of delivering the container

The types of containers on offer

The options available: new vs. used

Why choose a steel container over  other structures?

Here is why you should choose a steel container over other structures:

Cost: It's relatively cheap to transport a shipping container to create brick and mortar and other storage units. Speed: It's much faster to load and transport shipping containers, unlike other options. Convenience: Since the shipping container is delivered directly, you don't have to make constant trips to get other items.

What's the origin of shipping containers?

Different containers come from various parts of the world, carrying items such as food, clothes, etc. Most US containers are shipped from Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, and China.