Leasing Shipping Containers 

Lowest Rates On Our Best Containers

Need a shipping container for  temporary onsite storage? Leasing a container is your way to go!

Why Lease Shipping Containers With Used Conex?


Enjoy a flexible range of options when you Lease a shipping container from Used Conex, where we offer various container types and grades to accommodate your budget and needs from one month to the next. Our container leasing option includes.

  • Lease a 20ft Container

  • Lease a 40ft Container

  • Low Monthly Payments

  • No Deposit Required

  • 6 - 24 Months Terms

Lease a 20ft container

Lease a 20ft Container
Payment As Low As  $150 / Month

Lease a 40ft container

Lease a 40ft Container
Payment As Low As  $250 / Month


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