New- One Trip Shipping Containers

One-Trip Storage Containers Are Virtually Brand New and Ready for 10-20 Years of Extensive Use 

These units been loaded with a single cargo to defray transportation costs and shipped from their manufacturing center overseas — and are now available for purchase and long-term use. 

Where Do One-Trip Containers Come From?

When you purchase one-trip shipping containers, you are buying something that hasn’t been used for more than several weeks. Our one-trip containers for sale have undergone a single transit from a major container manufacturing center (typically China) to their port of destination. They were loaded with a single cargo and transported overseas, unloaded, and are now as-new storage containers for sale.

What Type of Wear-and-Tear Can I Expect from a One-Trip Shipping Container?

One-trip containers from Used Conex are thoroughly inspected for damage and wear-and-tear prior to going on the market. Our multi-point shipping container inspection ensures that each unit has not suffered any structural damage, has any holes or rust, is dirty and unsanitary in any way or has otherwise been compromised in quality.


One-Trip Shipping Container vs. Used Shipping Container


A one-time shipping container can last as long as 20 years or more. If you have a business where presentation is a big factor, a one-trip shipping container comes with a clean finish, little-to-no rust or damage, and blends well with a tidy environment. Depending on its age, a used shipping container may not offer the same benefits as a one-time shipping container or at least not aesthetically.


Used shipping containers typically come with a limited lifespan and resale value. It’s important to consider the above points when reviewing cost savings and comparing one-time and used shipping containers for your needs.

We guarantee only the highest-quality one-trip containers with negligible wear-and-tear. But if you don't mind the surface dings and dents, a used container is a more pocket friendly choice. 

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One-Trip Containers Features & Benefits

For all intents and purposes, one-trip shipping containers are brand new — and prepared for as long as 10-20 years of shipping service and possibly more for storage, customization and alternative uses. While the typical lifespan of a shipping container in commercial service is about 10-15 years, they are often sold off for aftermarket use and may see another 10 years or more of functional and alternative use. Comparatively, a one-trip storage container has been in use for no more than the length of a single maritime journey — typically only 2-3 weeks.


Features and benefits of buying a one-trip shipping container include:

  • Grade-A Shipping Container

  • As-New Condition

  • Cost-Effective

  • Clean

  • Original Paint

  • Original Manufacturer Warranty

  • Suitable for Long-Term Use


At Used Conex every one of our one-trip shipping containers for sale comes with new CSC plates and will not require a container quality inspection for up to 5 years.

One-Trip Container Uses

The excellent condition of one-trip containers makes them a versatile purchase for business and alternative use. They offer the immediate and long-term value of like-new shipping containers that are in great shape and ready for an extensive career in shipping service. Shipping containers are also experiencing increasing demand in alternative use as sustainable, purpose-built and adaptable structures. Whatever your needs, one-trip containers are an excellent choice thanks to their clean, modern-built and as-new condition

  • Overseas Shipping

  • Land Freight

  • Commercial Storage

  • Retail Storage

  • Residential Storage

  • Garage Storage

  • Customization and Reconditioning

  • Shipping Container Conversion

  • Cargo Container Homes

  • Tiny Homes

  • Bunker Construction


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