Used Cargo Worthy Shipping Containers

Cargo worthy shipping containers are in better shape than used wind and watertight containers and they are slightly more expensive as well. 

At Used Conex we can provide you a sea worthy certificate on the used CW shipping containers that you purchase through us so you can use them to ship your items overseas. The average cost for sea worthy inspections and certifacate is  about $150 - $300 per container. 

Cargo-worthy container visible signs of age and use typically include:


  • Surface Rust, Dents, Gouges, Scratches, Scuffs and Dings

  • Faded Paint

  • Visible Past Repairs

  • Interior Floor & Wall Scratches, Scuffs, Marks and Patches

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Cargo-Worthy Container Uses


CW containers are a great choice for both international shipping service and aftermarket use.


While they are in less-than perfect condition, CW containers are still qualified to serve all the major uses of shipping containers under international requirements and standards.



They are also an affordable option for purposes of storage and customization in a business capacity or in alternative use.

Cargo-Worthy Container vs. Wind and Watertight Container 


CW and WWT containers are similar in many ways. Both have experienced extensive use in maritime shipping service and are typically 10-15 years old. However, these two container types are actually of different quality grades, with Cargo Worthy containers being a Grade B, and WWT containers being a Grade C.


While both types typically have a substantial amount of dents, rust, scuffs and visible usage, WWT containers generally have a greater degree of usage and age markers with extensive rust, wear-and-tear of floors and doors, and previous repairs common by the time of resale.


Cargo-Worthy containers may also have a longer lifespan due to their considerably better condition. Of course, there may also be a significant price difference between the two for the same reason. While Cargo-Worthy containers are ready and certified for international shipping service, WWT containers may require additional repairs before receiving certifications, while this is not always the case. Choosing between a Cargo-Worthy and a WWT container typically comes down to the budget, usage plans and longevity goals of the buyer.

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