Used Wind&Watertight Shipping Containers

Wind&Watertight shipping container are more affordable and that makes them a better choice when it comes to storage needs.

At Used Conex we offer great quality WWT containers with a 2 year leak free warranty and a 6 year structural warranty. We don't supply As is shipping containers that come with multiple holes and damages.

What is a Wind and Watertight Container?


A WWT Container is a Grade-C used conex box for sale that no longer meets CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) requirements. These containers are sold by businesses and shipping companies once they have reached the end of their maritime lifespan and are typically transferred into storage service and the modification markets. WWT containers have significant wear-and-tear and are retired from shipping service when they are considered liable to structural compromise.

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What Type of Wear-and-Tear Can I Expect from a Wind and Watertight Container for Sale?


WWT containers from Used Conex have passed a multi-point inspection for strict wind and watertight standards and are guaranteed to be free of holes and leaks.

As a Grade-C shipping container for sale, WWT conex boxes typically come with significant wear-and-tear and evidence of repairs, such as:


  • Surface Rust, Dents, Gouges, Scratches, Scuffs and Dinks

  • Faded Paint

  • Patch Work and Repairs

  • Welding Repairs

  • Imperfect Roof Pits

  • Imperfect Roof Bows

  • Interior Scratches, Scuffs, Dents, Gouges and Patchwork

  • Floor Markings, Scratches, Gouges and Patchwork

  • Floor Delamination

  • Doors May Not Open/Swing Efficiently and Require Some Lubrication/Work


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